The skill is public speaking.

When Warren Buffett went to college, he avoided all classes that would require public speaking. He was terrified of it. When he graduated, he realized his fear of public speaking was killing his ability to move up in his career.

My public speaking course was arguably the best investment I made in my life. – Warren Buffett

In an article, the billionaire investor was quoted as saying:

“Now, you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills–public speaking.” – Warren Buffett

Richard Branson agrees. In a Virgin blog post, he said:

“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.” 

“Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a storyteller… It is not enough to create a great product; you also have to work out how to let people know about it.” 

Why are these skills so sought after?

1: Professional Growth:

Public speaking and knowing how to communicate help professionals motivate change, influence decisions, and form connections.

Great public speakers master the art of influence and leadership. This is a classic guide that all public speakers should read. You must be able to effectively communicate with not only your boss – but your colleagues and employees.

2: Gaining Trust:

Leaders who INSPIRE are trusted by their employees. Leaders with communication and public speaking skills have a much easier time influencing their co-workers. This will also help make projects run seamlessly.

3: Personal Growth:

Public speaking will help you increase your confidence level. If you can get up in front of a crowd – you can ask for a raise, inspire your employees, have more successful dates – even be more successful and happy at home.

Ryan Laverty is the Founder and CEO at SpeakOut. He smartly teaches his clients that, “Confidence helps everyone meet new people, manage stress, and stand up to even the harshest of criticism.”

This new confidence will help you meet new people, manage stress better, and stand up for yourself!to even the harshest of criticism.

Public speaking and communication abilities are an incredible asset even for professionals not in leadership roles.

If you feel like you have big reasons that are holding you back – don’t be afraid.

If you just have PASSION about your job, story, message, background, or the reason you want to help others – I can help you.

MY passion is helping others. I teach my clients how to improve their self-confidence and speak on stage, in front of small groups or in the media.

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It’s never too late.