The Think Tank crew is celebrating the Labor Day holiday by taking a break from our labor of love.

But just in case you’re using the time to catch up, check out our past 6 podcasts! 

Episode 1: Podcast: The Power of Three
Introducing Think Tank of Three! In this episode we introduce the Power of Three, the Think Tank trio and a look ahead at some future topics.

Episode 2: Podcast: How to Build a Better Brand
Everyone needs one and whether you know it or not, you definitely have one… We’re talking about your personal brand. In this episode, we give our must-do’s for creating the right brand, tips on how to make sure it aligns with what your audience wants, and guidance on how to make sure it’s what your company needs. Plus, you’ll hear examples from our own clients and we share some stories about what we do ourselves.

Episode 3: Three Things You Could be Doing to Damage Your Online Brand
There is a long list of things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to build a brand on social media, but for brevity (and because we love the number three) we’re sharing three things you could be doing right now that could damage your online brand.

Episode 4:Podcast: Reach your personal and professional goals faster
You’ve heard a friend talk about it. You’ve skimmed the articles in Forbes, Huff Po, and others. You may have even created a vision board hoping it will help you stay on track and meet your goals. So what is visualization? And what can it do for you professionally and personally? You’d be shocked! We’re going to break it down in this new Think Tank of Three podcast.

Episode 5: Podcast: Knowing Your Worth
In this podcast, we address the importance of defining and telling the story of your value – both internally to yourself and externally. When you know your what you’re worth, you don’t settle for less. Less could be a lower paycheck, a boring job, etc. Knowing your worth and knowing how to talk about your value can not only make you feel better, but it can also lead to more money. Take a listen to the podcast and hold your head high!

Episode 6: Podcast: Setting Healthy Boundaries
Do you take that client call when you’re at dinner with your spouse or your friends? Are you allowing a co-worker to dump their responsibilities on you? Are you taking enough time away from work for ‘you time?’ In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about your self-worth and how to set healthy boundaries. It’s not always easy to do but take a listen and join us in setting a healthy boundary for yourself this week!


Photo by Julian Howard on Unsplash