Welcome to the first episode of a brand new season of the Think Tank of Three podcast, now available in video format! Your hosts, Julie Holton and Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris, are back to inspire, empower, and uplift women in business and life.

We love conversations that empower and inspire, but we’re also not afraid to sit in the discomfort of topics that need to be talked about. This season brings something new to the table: while we’ve always been a trio, this time our ‘third’ in the Think Tank will be a rotation of incredible guest experts. We aim to give voice to diverse perspectives and foster conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, entrepreneurship, career success stories, and much more.

Our mission remains the same—helping women navigate the complexities of life and business, and offering actionable insights that you can apply today. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or someone simply looking for inspiration, this season has something for you.

So grab a seat, and let’s dive into deep, meaningful, and sometimes challenging conversations designed to uplift and empower you.

In this episode, Jules & Reisch give us a peek behind the curtain at what’s in store for the new season. We invite you to join us in this journey of exploration and learning at the thinktankofthree.com. Thank you for being part of our community!

Podcast Transcript:

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: All right, Julie, it’s a whole new season, a whole new approach, a whole new think tank of three. I mean, first of all, it’s you and me visually.

Julie Holton: Here we are like. Whoa, we’re not AI, we’re real.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: We have to look the part. Yeah. We can’t just be the voices, we now have to look the part. So now when you say, I wish you could see Reischea’s reaction to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now you can see Reischea’s reaction to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Julie Holton: For better or worse. And what’s that saying, a face made for podcasting?

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Oh, what is it? You’ve got a face for radio? You don’t have a face for radio. We look good. Gosh, darn it. And I’m just going to live with that and say that and accept it and know it.We look good.

Julie Holton: Either way we’re here and you can see us and we have a whole new format this season.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: It is exciting. We’ve even got some new, exciting guests. You’re going to revisit some guests that we’ve had in the past, which is great, but we’ve also got. Especially one really different guest. We have our first male guest on the show this season.

That’s really exciting because believe it or not, he’s really bringing some serious oomph to the table in a positive way. It’s fantastic.

Julie Holton: Yeah. Can’t wait to dive in, but let’s also show you our new show open because now that we’re on camera, we have visuals, we have music and we have video and a new show open.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Can’t wait for all of it. Can’t wait.

Julie Holton: Let’s do this. Think Tank of Three starts now.


Julie Holton: Welcome to Think Tank of Three. I’m Julie Holton here with my wonderful, beautiful in, well, I’d say in person, but on video, like in real life, we can see her, my co host, Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris. We are so excited to kick off our new season.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Indeed, a new season. And you will also happen to notice. Our one of the, one of the think tank of three members is not with us.

And that’s Audrea. I think everything is fine. She just needed to do some, some stuff for herself. She needed to take the time and put herself first. She needed to put her oxygen mask on first. And that meant she needed to take a step back away from the think tank of three. So we are in full support of Audrey having to go do you, Audrea. ’cause we still love you.

Julie Holton: Yes. Audrea one of our original founders of the podcast five years ago, if you can believe that. So after five years, it was time for a change. And actually we blogged for two years prior to those five years. So, this has been almost a decade for Audrea of pouring into our think tank of three community.

And I just absolutely love Reish that Audrea is taking the advice we give on our podcast, which is to constantly be assessing and reassessing priorities in life and what fills our cups and how we want to spend our time. And that whole balance fantasy of work and life. And this is a passion project for us.

It always has been, um, to date, we don’t make money off of this podcast, although we’re actually looking as we start a whole new season to perhaps make some changes, perhaps. You know, get some funding, get some donations to actually grow this podcast to impact more people. So more on that to come, but just want to say how much we absolutely love Audrea. She is still, she will always be one of our thirds.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: And we’ll be talking to her. We’re going to be talking to her in the future.

Julie Holton: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. She can’t get off that easy. We will be checking in and having her report back. And this time she’ll get to be a guest. That’s right for wisdom that she that’s actually what I think I’ll miss the most with not having her is just her, you know, she just has always brought so much to this show. It’s been wonderful, but we do have some surprises in store.

So moving forward. The three and the think tank of three will be our guest. And so we’re excited. We’re not adding another co host. We are going to tap into the hive of our tribe and bring in brand new, exciting guests with a lot to share. We should’ve got an interesting season coming up.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: We absolutely do. We’ve got our first. Male guests on the think tank of the white male guest talking to the mohawk E I yes.

Julie Holton: With a Mohawk

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: talking D E I, can you picture that, that in and of itself brings you to the table because it’s like, okay, I got to see what this guy’s talking about. He’s talking great stuff.

Great stuff. Uh, we’ve got women who of course, starting business, we have one of the, an amazing young woman who has been starting. Buying selling companies since she was 23 years old. Um, and she’s, she has,

Julie Holton: She has founded and exited more than 20 businesses and now she’s working to help others. And I, this one is going to be so fascinating. I think for so many women. Because reach, how often do we hear here on this show? Women who are successful in their own right, who say that they’re still just not sure, or they still haven’t made it, or they still like their business isn’t worth anything to someone else. And Christine McDaniel actually shares a story, not actually two stories about two different women, just in like the last few weeks of, you know, a recording time.

Where they thought their business wasn’t worth anything and they were able to sell it for several hundred thousand dollars each. And so I really love the message there, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the message of knowing what you’re worth, knowing your value and not discounting it. So that’s an incredible episode.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Absolutely. We also, uh, we’ll be speaking with friend of the show, Michelle Hutchinson, uh, talking about that balance and finding that balance and understanding when you need to reassess and readjust and find out how to help feed your soul, uh, and take a, take a step back maybe, or, or dive into that other thing that is really calling you to it.

Once again, as we reach back and talk about what Audrea needed to do, this kind of falls into line with that of recognizing I got, I have to make some changes here. Something is off. My, my chemistry is, is, is not functioning the way it needs to be because I need to make some adjustments within, within my life.

So that once again, it’s always, it’s always uplifting and calming to talk with.

Julie Holton:  I just texted Michelle this morning. I need more of you in my life. But all of you will be able to see her in an episode coming up. And I know it’s one already that I will replay because like you said, it’s, it’s knowing when to give ourselves time to rest and not just grind all the time.

I know that that’s something that I really struggle to find balance with. We also have a guest, um, Reisch. If you recall, one of the first recordings we did not too long ago, as we were preparing for this new season is with a young, um, mom and wife and business owner who had a very unconventional journey up until this point.

And. I really love how Tracy Spaulding talks about, um, the expectations we create for our lives and letting go of those expectations and adjusting and reinventing and being okay or more than okay when things don’t go as planned. And so she, she also is just really an incredible guest, a lot of insight from a young business owner and, and mom who’s balancing a lot.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Yes. Yes. So this is a wonderful season that we have upcoming. We don’t need to tell you everybody and everything could come back for more, but definitely wants to be sure to give you highlights of what is to come. And, and of course, Julie, me, you’re stuck with us, you know, reach.

Julie Holton: I do have to say though, you know, we’ve shared a lot of like the positive uplifting and we’ve got a lot of that in this season.

There’s also some really controversial topics that we, and because we are not, it’s like, we’re, we’re kind of forcing ourselves, as you say, to sit in the discomfort. I was actually just working on a podcast talking about some really uncomfortable issues. And I was kind of like wiggling in my seat a little bit as I was working on this.

And, and I think that’s a good thing. In fact, I’ll say Dave came into my office. No fewer than like three or four times to talk about what he was hearing us talk about on the podcast. And so, you know, when your partner comes in because he’s overhearing an episode, like that is what this is designed to do.

This is designed to get. All of you to have these conversations with us, with your communities. We want to hear from you. You know, what, what topics do you have that you want us to tackle? There have been a lot of really big things and small things that maybe go unnoticed, but have big impact that have been happening in our world.

So what matters to you? What challenges do you face? What problems do you want the think tank of three to talk about and maybe solve by the end of the episode from you?

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Or at the very least, just open up the door for a safe space of communication. And what we mean by safe space of the communication is to talk about whatever it is you want to talk about.

Now, this isn’t a place for hate where this isn’t a place to spew ugly, but this is a place to have a legitimate. Conversation of why or what we see, what we’re anticipating, what we, we hope necessarily doesn’t happen on the negative side of things, you know, so like one of our, one of the episodes that we, she was alluding to is the fact that we have a woman who’s going to be talking about the banning of books.

I don’t care what side of the political aisle you sit. On banning books is never a good idea because all you’re doing is trying to limit the knowledge of minds and limiting knowledge of minds is never, ever a good idea. You want creative, thoughtful, empathetic minds that can help make this world a better place to be, especially with the think tank of three.

Julie Holton: Yeah, you know, Reischea, I also want to hear from people about, you know, like some topics that maybe we haven’t explored yet, but we’ve thought about exploring and, and frankly, some of these topics like Roe v. Wade, for example, I know you and I are both very opinionated on this topic, and we want to make room for to hear opinions, but also it can become difficult for us sometimes when there’s a side we really don’t agree with.

Like we’re not a news organization. You and I both been there. We worked for those and we had a responsibility and obligation at the time to air all, all viewpoints and facts. We don’t have that same obligation now. You know, some of these things like Roe v. Wade. Are really impacting women in a very serious way, and I know that reach you and I feel this need to have our voices be heard and we want our audience to be heard.

And so if there is a topic that is not being talked about and should be talked about. Let us know because these are, these are all on our agenda and we are, we are excited to dive into these topics with you. The good, the bad, the ugly, the everything in between. Always respectful. Always respectful. That’s the key here as well.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: No matter what the topic is, we always address it, come at it from a respectful place. And listen, yeah, Julie and I. For the most part, I think we do sit tend to see eye to eye on most things, but, you know, we might, we’re probably possibly going to have someone that we don’t necessarily agree with a hundred percent, but I also want us to get back to being able to do that, being able to be able to disagree with someone, but still have that conversation and say, you know.

I didn’t think about it from that perspective. It doesn’t necessarily change my mind, but it makes me think a little bit more. And that’s all we want to do is do a little more thinking. Thinking is not illegal yet.

Julie Holton: Yeah, let’s try to keep it that way and you know, and we don’t, we, we come from different backgrounds. We, we look different as people might now be able to see, we live in different parts of the country. We, we have different circles of friends. We have some commonalities.We both have, um, a child with disabilities.

And so that’s a commonality we have. So perhaps we’ll have more topics on that. Um, but we also have things that just make us different and different viewpoints. And I think if anything, we want this to be a safe place for people to come to and listen and feel as though you are listening and talking with your girlfriends.

I mean, we, when we first launched this podcast, Reisch, um, kind of before you entered the club here. Um, we, we first launched with just this general idea of wanting to lift women up, rising together, you know, that, that idea that, you know, rising tide lifts all boats. And so, that is why we do this without being paid.

We do this for fun because we care about what people are going through and we want to share these stories. We don’t pretend to have all the answers or really any of them. Um, but we have learned a few things. We know that the people in our circles, everyone is constantly learning and growing. And that is the information that we want to share.

Julie Holton: Reisch. I have to like, I don’t know how we haven’t talked about this yet, but you have got to tell us about your background. I mean, not to like, kind of like, but I know the story and I’ve been seeing you with prints for years. A couple of years. Yeah. Yeah. Cause. Prior to there was no video for the rest of the world to see.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Yeah, I, uh, so I love Prince have loved Prince my whole life. I think that he’s without question. Um, one of the most amazing talented without question, I think if not the greatest top three, greatest guitarists that our planet. Was ever graced to experience miss him so much because, and then when you look at all the music and all the musicians whose careers he touched, I mean, it’s just, he’s phenomenal.

There’s no question about it. So. It just so happened that in looking for a background for our recording, I, uh, my husband who is, uh, originally from Canada, now a U S citizen, but, uh, originally from Canada prior to our getting married, um, you know, I wanted to get married in my hometown, Fresno, California, wake up in my own bed, go and, you know, have our ceremony and all of that.

And he had mentioned, you know, well, what about getting married in Canada? And I’m like, no. Why would I do that after the fact, after the fact, when we were visiting, uh, uh, his family in Canada, he takes me to a place called Casa Loma. I was like, well, this is lovely. And he’s like, right. And this background is the restaurant at Casa Loma.

And on the other side of the Prince portrait is a portrait of the Queen of England. The now late Queen of England, and I walked into, first of all, I walk, he, we drive up to Cass. I’m like, are you kidding? He’s like, well, we could’ve had our wedding and reception year. I’m like, say what? Explaining that outside of, well, why don’t we get married in Canada?

Because the connection, he never mentioned Cas Loma for a reception. He didn’t tell you Prince would be there. He didn’t tell me Prince would be there. . I mean, I’ll accept that as Prince is at my wedding. Look, I sit with Prince every single day that we record this show. Prince is with me. Period. Tell me otherwise.

Julie Holton: You know what? I think you need a vow renewal. Right? Like let’s do a redo. I would become. We hit 15 years this summer. So perhaps that, perhaps that is coming up in the future. I’ll tell him, you know, why don’t we get that reception that you had mentioned? Yeah, just, you know, just a small reception, you guys and me.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: There you go. That’s perfect. Right there. Right there. You will just have a meal and we’ll just sit there at the table. The three of us. You can bring Dave. You can bring Dave.

Julie Holton: Dave or Prince. I mean, he’s there. So, but yeah, that is, that is the story of Prince who has been in the background ever since we’ve ever been recording think tank of three, but now you all get to share in it as well.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: As we look on the leather couches. So as much as I would love to say, yeah, this is my living room. So not. This is a restaurant. I love it. I love it. And you know, my background will change because I’m not, I’m not the, I’m not that fancy, you know, travel. And I actually, today I’m trying on a new spot in my office because I’m like, I’m tired of sitting in my stuffy little corner.

Julie Holton: I’m in zoom meetings all the time. I’m like, I don’t know. Here we are. A little special room. You’ve got like the lovely little message in the back, live the life you’ve always dreamed of. fearless in the face of adversity, never stop learning, use your imagination whenever possible.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: Listen, the fact that I can read that because lately my life has been all about the glasses.That I can read that and I’m not squinting impossibly to see it.

Julie Holton: I’m impressed my internet is working so that you can read it because I tell you what, the technical issues in the, in this, like, you think that both of us live with techies and yet. Yeah, somehow tech issues still exist. We just blame them. They’re not a part of this, but it’s their fault anyway.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: It makes my life much, much easier to do it that way. But, uh, yeah, so I’m excited about this upcoming season. I’m excited to be with you again, Julie, as always. Um, and, and for those of you, you’ve heard me say it before, and sometimes I’ve even texted it to her, you know, I just need to hear a little bit of Julie.

Cause you walk away after. I’m spending some time with Julie Holton and you just feel better about who you are. You just do. So,

Julie Holton: Oh, I feel the same about reach and hopefully viewers, listeners, you feel the same. Our new format means we’re on a new platform. You can find us on YouTube now. Please, I’m not, I’m, see, I’m not, I’m not afraid to beg.

Please like, subscribe, whatever platform you’re on. Do all the things, give us reviews. That is how we play the algorithm game in order to get into more people’s ears or eyes. So, um, so please, please, please make sure every episode, like the episodes, be a subscriber, um, and, and help support the think tank of three.

And uh, I’m so excited for this season. It’s going to be fun.

Reischea Canidate-Kapasouris: I am too. Come on this journey with us. We’re going to have fun. All right. Well, that is all for our intro episode of the Think Tank of 3. Be sure to subscribe on all platforms and drop us a note if you have some topics. If you’re inspired, if you just want to say hi, send us a message.

Julie Holton: You can also find us at thinktankof3. com. Um, Breesh, it’s been so great seeing you. You too, honey. All right. See you all next time.