The Think Tank of Three is back and we are thrilled to be kick starting this blog back to life.

Originally, this blog was created by three women who met at an LMA conference. We were all in roles that left us unsatisfied and were searching for personal and professional development. We were aiming to use this platform to find our way. And it worked! The original three found new roles and new levels of satisfaction. However, the newness meant that we also drifted from our original goals.

After some soul searching in our new roles and new industries this blog as it was didn’t make sense anymore. However, the changes in our lives brought new perspectives, new relationships and new goals. We are still three women strong but we’re in a different place two years later. And we are looking to empower and encourage women to grow moving forward.

1 – Who are we?

The three of us have different specialties and different careers. We came together after realizing that we all could’ve used a little more support and encouragement as we progressed professionally. And now that we’re “here” in our journey, we really wanted to offer what we could to professional women.

Julie Holton is a marketing guru based out of Lansing, Michigan. She’s a storyteller at heart, a digital media expert and the master of brand strategy.

Kathryn Janicek is a media maven in Chicago, Illinois.  She’s got your back on all things media, public speaking and your brand!

I (Audrea Fink) – a Seattlite in the Pacific Northwest –  am obsessed with coaching and business development.  I work with attorneys but the skill sets transfer across all industries.

2 – What to expect now?

We are building a conversation and ideally a community. We are sharing our stories, our lessons and our support. You can expect to see posts from us on creating your own brand, attracting the right people, preparing for job interviews, selling yourself, talking about yourself and likely lots of pictures of our dogs – all three of us are crazy dog moms!

But not only will be sharing, we’ll be asking questions of you. We’ll be trying to talk about the issues you’re asking us about. Conversations can’t happen in a vacuum. Consider this a dialogue and engage with us! We are dying to hear from you.

3 – Why Three?

I’ve been asked several times where the Think Tank of Three came from. Why does three matter? You might be surprised to learn that the three doesn’t necessarily stem from the fact that there are three of us. In fact, fingers crossed, we’ll hear from our community and this blog will be the voice of many.

The importance of three comes the brain. Have you heard of the Rule of Three before? The brain is able to easily grasp and retain concepts when they’re offered in threes. Any more and the brain can struggle to retain the information. Any less and the brain can question the credibility of the concepts.

The Think Tank of Three is a play on the concept. We have three goals (Learn – Support – Share), three voices, three professions from three locations. We’ve figured a few things out and we want to help other women who are looking to step up their game achieve success.

So welcome to the new Think Tank of Three! It’s brand new. But it’s also the same in some ways. Let’s learn, support and share with each other.


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