Behind every successful person is a mentor, a coach, a consultant, a friend full of encouragement or tough love — or both. 

And whether we’re talking about success in business, leadership, parenting, or life, behind every story — however you define success — there’s also a pile of good books!

I have one you need to add today.

The Financial Mindset Fix by psychotherapist and entrepreneur Joyce Marter, my dear friend, client, and Think Tank of Three podcast guest.

I’ve had the honor of having a front-row seat, watching Joyce’s lifelong dream and calling come true; tomorrow is the official launch of her incredible book!

And I don’t say this lightly: this book is going to change lives. 

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs — business owners of all ages, backgrounds, and financial status — and I can tell you that hands down, money is by far, the hardest topic for most people to confront. 

Knowing what you’re worth — asking for what you’re worth — receiving what you’re worth… It’s quite the trifecta for a lot of people! 

If you’re in this space, Joyce Marter has the fix: The Financial Mindset Fix.

Your personal beliefs about money can drive you to exhaustion or liberate you. The choice is yours. 

“We are all works in progress,” writes Joyce in her new book. “No matter where you are on your journey, these tools are meant to be lifelong companions to a life of greater prosperity and joy.”

Do you want the never-ending panic of scarcity or the freedom and joy of prosperity? If you desire an abundant life, order the book today!

The Financial Mindset Fix - Recommended by mConnexions

PS – Look closely and you’ll see a name in the book you recognize! Alexis Neumann, a talented graphic designer on our team at mConnexions had the amazing opportunity to design the illustrations used throughout the book and workbook. Working with Joyce has been an absolute dream. She’s the real deal – and you will love this book!