Nora Luke, Corporate to CallingGuest Blog by Nora Luke, Founder of Corporate to Calling

Have you heard the phrase, “Change Guilt?”

You won’t find it in the dictionary, but it’s a real thing.

It’s the feeling we have when we seek out something different and our mind tells us to be happy with what we have. It’s your subconscious trying to protect you and it grows stronger by the stories we tell ourselves and the stories others tell us.

We’re halfway through the year 2020 and if you are healthy and still employed, you have probably thought, “wow, I am so thankful.”

Expressing gratitude for your current situation is necessary, but don’t let your subconscious trick you into staying stuck.

Many busy working women yearn to start their own business as they have a strong internal desire to serve others and build a future on their own terms. They
enjoy success, but no longer want to give their best hours to a corporation.

Corporate working women already possess multiple skills that will serve them and others in the world of entrepreneurship.

As women lay awake at night thinking about how to start a business, they stop themselves with these thoughts:
“I should just be happy.”
“I’m doing well, I shouldn’t want more.”
“I couldn’t make a change, especially right now.”
“People would love to have my circumstances.”

Following your desires for more, doesn’t mean you have to leave everything else behind and take a big chance. You simply must give yourself a chance. We evolve as human beings and staying stuck is a selfish act. You are no longer serving yourself, your employer, or others. Remember, someone is waiting for you to take action.

What should you do when you feel guilty?

  • Acknowledge the feeling
  • Declare out loud that you’ve done nothing wrong
  • State why you’re wanting to grow
  • Continuously seek to smash change guilt

Remember, if you have the desire for more within you, it’s there for a reason. Don’t allow corporate America to dim your spark. Most women are surprised by
these 5 skills that transfer from corporate employee to entrepreneur. You already have everything you need inside of you.


About Author Nora Luke: Nora is a Corporate Transitional Coach, Proud Corporate Dropout, Former People Pleaser, Mom of 2, and an Awesome Wife. She believes that our titles don’t define us, and every woman has an expertise that can be shared to create a successful business. Nora loves traveling to Mexico, finding reasons to cheers champagne, and never leaves home without lip gloss. Connect with Nora at and remember, you’re too strong to stay stuck!