How’s that New Year’s resolution going?

Is that the sound of crickets I hear? Smirking? A resentful sigh?

Shrug it off. Let it go. It’s time to move on.

Seriously! Give yourself permission to let go of that resolution that you know is never going to happen — so that you can actually make a strategic plan to achieve your goals. And, let’s be clear: that resolution isn’t going to happen because of the half-hearted way most of us throw around the idea of resolutions.

I have never been a fan of resolutions. Not because of the commitment it takes to make a change or to get something done, but because a resolution is not the same as a well thought out plan.

So, if you’ve already ditched your resolution — I have a better idea.

Take five minutes. Take ten. Take a day. Sit down and write out your goals and the steps you will take to get there. Prioritize. Find an accountability partner. And then, get it done!

I recently shared this idea in a mini-podcast that I launched last year, the mConnexions Marketing Minute. It’s meant to offer bite-sized pieces of marketing insights that we can use to grow our marketing efforts.

Ditching resolutions and, instead, building a marketing strategy makes sense for business — and it also works for our personal lives.

How many of us sit down to write out a year-long plan for our personal lives? Why not? We know that strategies and business development plans help us achieve success in attaining our professional growth and goals. So, why not apply it to the rest of life?

SMART GoalsUse the same business tactics to create a successful personal plan. Set SMART goals for yourself by making sure each objective is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

If work-life balance is a goal you have for 2020, don’t ditch it just yet. Sit down and make a plan. To help you get started, here are 47 Goal Setting Exercises, Tools, & Games (including printable worksheets).

If you’re working on your marketing goals, we can help. Our mConnexions blog is full of DIY resources. And, did you know you can schedule a call with me? Head to my page on our website. Mention Think Tank of Three for a special rate.

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