It’s finally here! We have been dreaming and scheming and recording to build a podcast for the Think Tank of Three.

In this episode we introduce the Power of Three, the Think Tank crew and a few future topics. Be sure to let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in future podcasts. 





[AF] = Audrea Fink
[JH] = Julie Holton
[KJ]= Kathryn Janicek

[AF Thanks for joining us. I’m Audrea Fink, here with Kathryn Janicek and Julie Holton. Together we are your Think Tank of Three. Three marketing gurus, each with our own very different backgrounds.

Kathryn is a sought after media trainer and public speaking coach who trains entrepreneurs, corporate executives and former pro athletes.

Julie is the owner and principal strategies at M-Connexions, a marketing agency that focuses on digital solutions for clients.

And I’m Audrea. I’m a business development coach for attorneys a the seventh largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest.

Hello, Kathryn, Julie!

[KJ, JH] Hello!

[AF] Our topic today is The Power of Three and an introduction to the Think Tank of Three Podcast.

So you might be wondering where this Think Tank of Three comes from. What we are is a group of three women, who’ve come together, who really want to support other women. And we chose the Think Tank of Three because there is some real power in the number three.

Your brain remembers things in threes. And three is also considered credible evidence. When you have two pieces of information, your brain might think well that’s not really credible enough. And over three is probably too much to remember. Your brain can’t hold onto the specifics of those facts if you have more than three facts in there.

So the Think Tank of Three is born to be something that’s easy to remember but also something that’s really supportive for you.

So here are three things about me that you can remember easily:

1 – I have been coaching attorneys for the past 4+ years. I love working with attorneys because they’re both challenging and highly educated.

2 – I also have been blogging and working with social media for the last 3 years.

3 – And I am the proud momma of two dogs.

So Julie, you and I met at a Legal Marketing Association conference a couple of years ago. In fact, actually, has it been three years now? Did we just hit the three year mark?

[JH]: It has been three years. Look at that, the power of three.

[AF]: Do you remember why we originally thought of the Think Tank of Three?

[JH]: You know, I think because frankly we just had such good conversations. We wanted to keep the conversations going even after we left the conference. And sitting around we thought, there’s so much knowledge we’re picking up at this conference but a lot of the conversations continued after the sessions were where we really got deep down into the nitty gritty learning from each other.

So we thought, how can we expand this and take it beyond just the small group of us and bring other people into the conversation. And lo and behold, Think Tank of Three, online blog and now a podcast.

[AF]: Very cool. Julie, why don’t you tell us three things about you.

[JH]: Ok, besides the fact that I have two dogs as well, there’s a pattern of three in my career.

1 – I started off as a journalist. I spent 12 years as an emmy award winning producer and executive producer of TV news.

2 – Then I transitioned my career into career number two as the marketing director of a law firm which Audrea that’s where we met when I was in the middle of that career.

3 – So five years after that I made another transition. So now I’m in stage three as an entrepreneur. The owner of a small marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing and solutions for clients.

So three fun facts, professional facts about me. Now Kathryn, let’s jump over to you. When I was starting my career as an executive producer, before that I was a producer and you were my executive producer and that is how we met years ago.

Kathryn, now it’s your turn. Tell us three things about you.

[KJ]: Well first of all, I love this theme of three tonight. Because all three of us have dogs. I love the fact that we’re all dog moms. I think that’s great. So Julie, I love that you talked about the three careers that you had because I was just thinking about that.

I have had three careers too. The television experience and management. And then I have extensive crisis communication experience. I was actually the PIO, the communications director for a major county in Minnesota, for Hennepin County where I managed the 35W bridge collapse. I oversaw all the national, international and local media so I had that second career. And now I’m an entrepreneur. I own my own company.

So my three facts are that:

1 – I’m a three time Emmy award winning television producer. I’ve been in TV for almost 20 years.
2- I have that experience as a crisis communications expert.

3 – I was the social media lead for NBC Universal where I created brands with followings that far surpassed other brands within NBC Universal.

So we all have that great digital brands background, digital communications background. And I cannot wait to help some of our audience members with their brands coming up in future podcasts.

[AF]: I think one of the most exciting things for me in starting this podcast is the idea of three women who are successful in their own right, who have had really successful careers, who can come together and say, “Ok. How do we hold out our hands and help the next woman also find success?” Regardless of what that looks like. You know, success for them.

One of the things that is so fun for me is this group of women is so positive and so interested in helping to step up for the next woman.

[JH]: And talking, not just about our professional lives and helping each other professionally, but mixing in the personal as well. Because what is bigger than finding balance and being successful in all aspects of our lives. And so we’re not only going to focus on the professional. We’ll focus a lot on the professional but that’s not our only focus.

I’m really excited and looking forward to our conversations with the two of you and with our listeners about some of the personal things we go through as well. I know we’ve got some great topics on the schedule for that.

[KJ]: Yeah. Julie. You’re absolutely right. I was thinking about when you said balance. I always pushed that off when people talked about work life balance in my 20’s and 30’s. I used to think that’s not really that important. I work 14-16 hours a day. But now that I’m in my 40’s, I’m in a different… We’re a group of women in our 30’s and 40’s. And life does change. Your priorities do change. I think as you get older and wiser, you realize that if you don’t think about your personal life a little more, and really take care of yourself, put on your oxygen mask first, you can’t be that awesome professional person that we all aspire to be.

We want to achieve greater things. We cannot achieve those greater things unless we put on our oxygen mask. I know personally, I have a mother who kept reminding me of that in my 20’s and 30’s and I pushed that off but now I’ve embraced this. I make time for that. I schedule it out. We’re going to talk about that and so many other topics.

[JH] Well said Kathryn.

[AF] One of the things I also appreciate about this group is while we are three successful women and we have a lot of things in common, we are also really different women. We live in different parts of the county. We have different focuses in our careers. We have different personal lives and want different things out of our personal lives. But as we walk through this professional journey and our personal lives we come across some of the same issues over again. Some of that is just being a woman. Some of that is being in the workforce. And some of that is just life in general. And so I’m really excited to dig into these topics and to bring on guest speakers who can speak to their expertise as well.

[KJ] Julie do you want to speak about what’s going to be coming up in our next podcast?

[JH]: Yes! So in our next podcast we’re going to talk about branding. We’re going to dive in deep to this issue that is so important, no matter what industry you’re in and where your career is going. So we’re going to talk about how to elevate your company’s brand but really your personal brand. Who you are within that bigger picture and who you are for yourself as you look to advance your career in whatever form that’s going to take for you. Branding is a really big one.

We’ll touch on things you should be doing right now. Things you should stop doing, because they might be hurting your personal brand. And talking to all three of us in the different ways branding impacts in day to day. I know Kathryn and I are counseling clients on their personal brands and their company brands.

Audrea is working with attorneys on their individual brands, on their practice group brands, on their firm brands. Being the second largest firm in the Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of moving parts and pieces there.

Kathryn mentioned some of the different types of clients she works with so we’ll dive into that a little bit. As listeners, you’ll be able to hear from us some of the nitty gritty and what we’re telling our clients.

[KJ]: Good. Good. And here’s what we need from you. If you’re listening to this right now, regardless of whether it’s right after we release it or months from today, we would love for you to post your questions to us on Think Tank of Three.

We want to make sure that even though we’re three different women from different professional careers, with different personal lives, in different locations, we can’t possibly know all of the subjects that professional women are looking to hear.

Right now, what are you struggling with? What is your pain today? Tomorrow? Next week? What do you think you’re going to struggle with?

So first, make sure you sign up for our emails at If you go to the page subscribe from there. If you want to go straight to the URL its
You can also go to Think Tank of Three on Facebook and post your questions there or subjects. If they’re personal and you don’t want anyone to know they came from you, you can privately message us on Facebook.

And if you’re not on Facebook, you can just post a comment on any one of the blogs on Think Tank of Three’s website and we will see them there.

You can also find our personal contact on that website so if you’d like to just send us an email and suggest a subject, we’re really reachable. Reach out, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create a podcast on that subject.

[JH]: We are so excited to have you join the conversation. Our plan is to be raw and real. We are three successful women but we have ups and downs every single day. And we lean on each other for that support. So our goal is for you to be able to lean on us and us to also learn and be supported by you.

If you have a topic that would be excellent for us to talk about and you can join us in the conversation, then either do so on Facebook or let us know and we’ll have you on as a guest. Definitely join the conversation on social media.

Kathryn you mentioned Facebook. Really fun to point out that we have a page on Facebook and we also have a private group on Facebook. The private group is so you can join the conversation in a closed environment where we can freely share things.

[KJ]: We will see you on our next podcast about your digital brand. And make sure you post your subjects or topics for future podcasts or blogs and we will do them.

[AF]: Thanks for joining us!